1. Little Havana, Key Highway, Locust Point, Baltimore, Md.

  2. The last thing you expect to see upon exiting the Port Covington Walmart is something beautiful but I saw just that. Luckily I was close enough to the “beach” behind it to snap this photo. A minute later it was gone.

    Hanover Street bridge, seen from Peninsula Drive, Port Covington, south Baltimore, Md.

  3. Spoiler Alert!

    For the final season of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Charlie and Sweet Dee get tired of everyone else’s shit and move to South West Baltimore to open their own carry out.

    Charlie & Dee Carry Out, Bush St., Camden Industrial Area, Baltimore, Md.

  4. "You can keep your thoughts on my body to yourself."

    On the side of Red Emma’s, Maryland Ave., Station North, Baltimore, Md.

  5. Did an almost 24 mile bike ride today from Medfield to Curtis Bay and back, set a new personal best. All of this on a 29” mountain bike.

  6. Sheep and Wolf murals, 21st Street, Station North, Baltimore, Md.

  7. patgavin:

    J.M. King, manufacturers of Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Fine Shoes

    111 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Md.

    Happy Easter!

  8. About once every 6 months some moron comes and puts their shit tag over this mural and then a few months later the creator or someone else has to come fix it. You can see in the R where they haven’t filled back in the color yet.

    Lafayette & St. Paul, Station North area, downtown Baltimore, Md.

  9. Keystone Color Works Inc.

  10. Baynesville Bike Shop sign, Joppa Rd., Towson, Md.

    It would appear despite having two businesses with the name Baynesville in them around this intersection history has done it’s best to erase that name and call everything here Towson.

  11. My 2014 GT Ruckus DJ. Just got it a few weeks ago. There are hardly any photos of this model anywhere on the net so it is my job to put some up.

    Paint job inspiration:


  12. Two more Toynbee tiles have appeared in Baltimore.

    Top: Ablemarle & Eastern in Little Italy

    Bottom: Centre & St. Paul in Mount Vernon.

    There is a 3rd one I know of at Centre and Washington Place.



  13. thebaltimorechop:


    "Frontiers" by GAIA, 20th & Calvert, Station North / Charles Village area, north Baltimore, Md.

    I’m just going to go ahead and express what might be an unpopular opinion here: Baltimore murals are getting worse by the year. No sleight to Pat Gavin and his many tumblrs but most new murals I see make me want to go to 40 East and rent a giant wrecking ball. This one included.

    I like all of these murals but I have no idea why they have been combined into one giant mural. Each individual part would have been better on their own wall in my opinion.

  14. "Frontiers" by GAIA, 20th & Calvert, Station North / Charles Village area, north Baltimore, Md.

  15. I thought we killed this guy???

    Saratoga Street, downtown Baltimore, Md.