1. Baynesville Bike Shop sign, Joppa Rd., Towson, Md.

    It would appear despite having two businesses with the name Baynesville in them around this intersection history has done it’s best to erase that name and call everything here Towson.

  2. My 2014 GT Ruckus DJ. Just got it a few weeks ago. There are hardly any photos of this model anywhere on the net so it is my job to put some up.

    Paint job inspiration:


  3. Two more Toynbee tiles have appeared in Baltimore.

    Top: Ablemarle & Eastern in Little Italy

    Bottom: Centre & St. Paul in Mount Vernon.

    There is a 3rd one I know of at Centre and Washington Place.



  4. thebaltimorechop:


    "Frontiers" by GAIA, 20th & Calvert, Station North / Charles Village area, north Baltimore, Md.

    I’m just going to go ahead and express what might be an unpopular opinion here: Baltimore murals are getting worse by the year. No sleight to Pat Gavin and his many tumblrs but most new murals I see make me want to go to 40 East and rent a giant wrecking ball. This one included.

    I like all of these murals but I have no idea why they have been combined into one giant mural. Each individual part would have been better on their own wall in my opinion.

  5. "Frontiers" by GAIA, 20th & Calvert, Station North / Charles Village area, north Baltimore, Md.

  6. I thought we killed this guy???

    Saratoga Street, downtown Baltimore, Md.

  7. "Remembering Sparrows Point" at the Creative Alliance. 4/10/14

    "…Two film screenings and a discussion exploring the importance of the Sparrows Point Steel Mill. Recently closed, the Sparrows Point Steel Mill helped to shape the lives of hundreds of thousands of steelworkers and associated personnel for over 125 years. To keep its memory alive, Creative Alliance will screen Mill Stories and Life After Steel, present a reading by Deborah Rudacille, author of Roots of Steel: Boom and Bust in an American Mill Town, and engage the audience in a discussion with former Sparrows Point workers."


  8. Montgomery Park used to be Montgomery Ward, they only had to change two letters on the sign.

    Washington Blvd, Baltimore, Md.

  9. Super long Auto Rack passes through Gaslight Square, Bush St., south Baltimore, Md.

  10. Beltway Motel, Route 1, Arbutus, Maryland

  11. The Fells Point antique market has opened up again for 2014. I found a few cool things. One of them was this set of papers from 1919 from the Cephas M Lewis & Sons Company.

    This place would have been right between where the Sheraton and Hyatt hotels are downtown.

  12. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Old Town area, (Ironically) Gay Street, Baltimore, Md.

  13. Woke up early and headed down to Roosevelt Park Skate Park to check it out. The pool and concrete areas were nice but the ramps are really rotten and beat up. I guess it’s more designed for skateboards than bikes though since there isn’t a lot of room to get up to speed on a bike. I’m also 30 years old and more of a pussy than I was at 14. I did manage a few things though. Only got hurt once trying to jump some kind of barrel ramp monstrosity when my foot came off the pedals.

    Photos by girlfriend-is-better

  14. Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point, Coke Oven Battery employee patch.

  15. I probably spent at least 2 hours finishing up this Schwinn running the shifter cables and tightening everything up. Little Poe sat there the entire time just staring at me. Then he turns away in shame when I acknowledge him.