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City Hall, Northampton, Ma

Paper Co., Holyoke, Ma

Connecticut line.

New York state line.

Steamtown, Scranton, Pa.

New England here we come!

Union Market, Washington D.C.

Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains”

White Flint Mall, Bethesda, Md.

Built in 1977 it originally featured 125 stores. Now all but 3 are vacant. Part of the mall is actually demolished. Dave & Busters closed about 5 days before we got here. Walking through the place you get the feeling like you aren’t supposed to be here. Can’t be too great for the remaining 3¬†businesses.


Revisited the NCR trail last Sunday. The first time I rode 32 miles round trip but didn’t bring a camera. This time I went from Hunt Valley to Monkton and back, about 14 miles. The trail is pretty straight and almost flat. I wanted to take photos of some of the interesting things they have along the way. They left various old piece of railroad equipment along the trail. The old station in Monkton is a rest stop now. They also have a resturant nearby you can stop at. When it is less hot outside I want to try and make it all the way to Pennsylvania before turning back. On the way back I checked out a really old graveyard that is just down the street from the Hunt Valley parking lot.

Zebra Mural, 5th Street NE, Union Market, Washington D.C.

Got my Thule rack installed. This thing must weigh 3 times what the other one did. The best part is this folds up and pretty much completely obscures my license plate. It will pay for itself in speed camera tickets avoided.

Frederick Clustered Spires High Wheel Bike Race.

South Market Street, Frederick, Md.

B&O Railroad Museum, 901 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, Md.

FYI: If you download the Royal Farms app for your phone there is a coupon for free admission to any of the 3 B&O Museums for the month of August.

Arcade Fire, live at Verizon Center, 8/17/2014, Washington DC.

Arcade Fire (Live at Verizon Center, Washington DC on 8/17/14) We Exist