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The Hopkins monster swallows up more of east Baltimore.

Castle Street, East Baltimore, Md.

Decided to sell my 2014 GT Ruckus DJ. After moving to Hill City USA I just can’t do the whole single speed anymore. It’s basically sat for 2 months and it is a sweet bike that deserves to be ridden.

Still Standing.

Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point Blast Furnace “H” advertisement.



Among the millions of blogs on Tumblr, only a small number are contributors of original content: “the world’s creators”

And if you’ve ever looked at Tumblr’s Explore Page you might notice that Photography is oddly absent.

There’s #design, #art, #architecture and even #artists on tumblr — but no mention of anything related to the art of taking pictures with a camera. Even #film is a trap — it’s for movies, not analog photography!

We don’t think this situation is acceptable. So let’s Fight it.

We’d like to ask all original photographers on Tumblr to start putting the #photographers on tumblr tag on every single photo you post.

Photographers deserve more recognition among the Creators on Tumblr. Hopefully, by using this tag we’ll help the entire community of Tumblr photographers get noticed — and maybe one day we will see that tag on the Tumblr Explore page too.

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United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company Building, later known as Redwood Center. 26 S. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.

This photo set is from two days of shooting in 2012. One at night and one during the day. The first time we got in here was at night. I noticed the wooden fence around back had the lock cut off it. Once inside there you could use a knife to slide the pin of the door lock open and get inside. Technically you were entering into 117 Water Street and went up a few floors and crossed over via a skybridge guarded by pigeons into 26 S. Calvert. After that you could hit up the half-spiral staircases to the roof.

The roof here has a great view, tall abandoned buildings are a real treasure. Not having HVAC units blaring at you makes it much nicer than active roofs. The inside of this place was pretty much gutted long ago. It still had a great half-spiral staircase but some of it was covered in plastic, probably from asbestos abatement. Most of the floors were about the same. At night they looked very cool because of the way the light was coming in from the windows. The doors in the lobby said Redwood Center after USF&G left the building. One interesting thing I found was the old directory. It lists Jerold C. Hoffberger, former president of National Brewing Company, makers of National Bohemian Beer aka Natty Boh. He was also former owner of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. He was pretty much Baltimore royalty. There also used to be a plaque on the front of the building that listed it as the spot where Wendel Bollman was born, inventor of the Bollman Truss bridge. A lot of Baltimore history is going down at this unassuming location.

Another even crazier bit of history I learned was this…

In short this building was used as a temporary City Hall in the mid 1970s. In 1976 a gunman burst inside and attempted to kill then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer. He did not succeed in killing Schaefer but did kill a councilman and wounded several others. 

As of spring 2014 they have started removing windows and cleaning up the place in order to transform this cluster of buildings into more luxury condos, the only creative use of old buildings anyone in Baltimore can think of.

The Baltimore Orioles topped the Yankees 3-2 in 10 innings on 7/11/14.

Dead or sleeping are real thoughts you have in Baltimore.



"Harassing Women Does Not Prove Your Masculinity" by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.

Charles Street (right before North Ave.), Station North, Baltimore, Md.

But flashing them is so exciting

Kill yourself.

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Bethlehem Steel WWII Liberty Ship production advertisement.

Girl with Pitbull mural by Nether, Greenmount Ave., Barclay, north Baltimore, Md.

Colorful new houses, 21st Street, Barclay, Baltimore, Md.

Skulls, North Avenue, Baltimore, Md.

20 years of Hon Fest mural.

36th Street (on the side of M&T Bank), Hampden, Baltimore, Md.

Now that I am an old man I don’t get out exploring as much as I would like to. Once in a while I will see some photos from a place pop up and if they are local I will attempt to go there myself. This was one of those days except for trying to get in that spot was not happening for us. Feeling defeated we were walking back and noticed graffiti on the side of this building. Someone must have found a way inside so we walked around back and found an opening. A 10 foot drop to the inside and we found ourselves in a boring dark gutted room. After exploring each level from the top down we discovered that the basement was in fact a huge bowling alley. You would never know what this building ever was from the boring boarded up exterior. 

According to the only article I could find about it “The building was constructed in 1922 as a multistory bowling and dancing emporium, with 100 bowling lanes and a top-level ballroom and roller rink where big-name bands performed in the 1920s and 1930s. It thrived through the 1960s and still has bowling lanes in the basement.”

Everything except for the basement had been gutted and transformed into office space probably in the 1970s. After posting about it on Facebook it turns out a family friend had pictures from there back in the day. I included those photos at the end.